Ambitious Vision for Sustainable Events

Festival Vision:2025 launches Crowdfunder, inviting everyone in the events industry to be part of an ambitious strategy toward a sustainable events industry, 11th June 2019. The Festival Vision:2025 crowdfunding campaign, launched by not-for-profit group Powerful Thinking, gives the whole live events industry the opportunity to work together and provide leadership around climate breakdown through the […]

Independent festivals say no to single-use tents

Association of Independent Festivals calls on major retailers such as Argos and Tesco to stop marketing ‘festival tents’ as single-use items Consumer-facing campaign, launching on 8th May, will aim to inspire festival-goers to ‘Take Your Tent Home’ and ‘Say No To Single Use’  Organisers of more than 60 independent festivals across the UK have issued […]

Green is the word….

In keeping with the industry’s current focus on reducing the environmental impact of events and festivals, we’re taking our own responsibilities seriously. The 2018 show sees us undertaking a series of initiatives to reduce the Showman’s Show’s carbon footprint and promote sustainability to the wider event industry. Vision:2025 will host an event the afternoon of […]

Sustainable initiatives for the Showman’s Show 2018

Over the last four or five months you haven’t been able to pick up a newspaper or go online without seeing a story surrounding sustainability and in particular reducing single-use plastics. Indeed, many of the stories have featured event and festival organisers and their own plans to improve their environmental impact. Here at the Showman’s […]