TicketCo TV enables Riksscenen to reach wider than they normally do with their events, and to engage with ‘the others’. That should be every institution’s ambition, according to the national Norwegian venue for folk music and folk dance.

“We started streaming after the first lockdown in March, and the first platforms we used were Facebook and YouTube. That gave us remarkable ratings, but we also experienced a thing or two that was not that pleasant,” said Head of Information at Riksscenen, Fredrik Falch.

The most pressing issue for Riksscenen was phishing. At the worse, they experienced more than 30 phishing attacks during one single event, with false events trying to steal their stream.

“This forced us to spend disproportionate amounts of time as moderators, tracing and taking down fake profiles,” said Mr Falch.

“In addition to these issues, our general perception is that high quality streaming events should not be for free. That diminishes the value. So, after having taken all these matters into consideration our conclusion was that streaming behind a paywall was the right solution for Riksscenen.”

Recommended by their video crew

Ideally, the organiser then would have preferred their regular ticketing provider as their streaming supplier, but that did not work out of reasons we don’t need to dwell with now. So, they had to search for another solution.

Mr Falch said: “As a national institution we strive for high quality, and with Facebook and YouTube as two of our competitors when it comes to our audiences’ attention, we knew we needed something equally user friendly. The video crew we engaged for our streaming series recommended TicketCo TV, and we decided to give it a try. Since then we’ve been a happy customer.”

“As a publicly funded national venue for folk music and folk dance, located in the midst of Oslo, we have a firm grip of our in-crowd. Streaming enables us to reach wider than this, and it may be a valuable asset for us to reach ‘the others’. That should be every institution’s ambition.”

The user interface simply can’t be simple enough

At Riksscenen they want to reach all of Norway, and streaming may very well be how to achieve it. The Head of Information admits that hybrid events will match their mission post Covid-19, and that it is a possibility they will look into.

He said: “Until then, we are using this semester to gather experience. Unfortunately, the November lockdown has caused us some difficulties with travel restrictions, so we have had to cancel some of our planned events. But far from everything. We are up and running with a reduced programme, and considering the circumstances, we are satisfied.”

“When it comes to TicketCo TV, our over-all impression is positive. Streaming is a new exercise for most ticket buyers, and with Facebook and YouTube as well as Netflix and Spotify as their benchmarks for user friendliness, the user interface simply can’t be simple enough. I guess we’re not the only organiser who have experienced phone calls from ticket buyers with what I will describe as quite obvious questions.”

Technical manager Magnus Opsahl Smaadahl at Riksscenen added: “I am very pleased with the fact that we can monitor the broadcast real-time in UI. It is also easy for our video crew to find relevant information, and we are very happy with flawless streams so far.”

Photo of Sarah-Jane Summers and Juhani Silvola.

The concert is available as video on demand until 30 November 2020 on riksscenen.ticketco.events.

For more information about TicketCo TV click here.

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