Sustainable initiatives for the Showman’s Show 2018

Over the last four or five months you haven’t been able to pick up a newspaper or go online without seeing a story surrounding sustainability and in particular reducing single-use plastics. Indeed, many of the stories have featured event and festival organisers and their own plans to improve their environmental impact. Here at the Showman’s Show we’re keen to play our part and where possible help lead change in the event industry. We’re looking at a number of sustainable options for 2018 – trying to implement and encourage them as much as we can.

Being recognised with a Greener Event Award and signing up to schemes such as Energy Revolution and GoCarShare are important phases in the development of the Show. We’re also thrilled to be hosting another Festival Vision:2025 meeting and excited about plans to bring visitors dedicated content on the reduction of single-use plastics. All of which are at the early planning stages and we’ll share more news and details in the coming months as they take shape.

To find out more about our sustainable initiatives for the Showman’s Show 2018 click here….


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